The simple hierarchical select widget does not work on a BOA server. The widget displays only an empty field, instead of the option to select or add a term.

I suppose there is some filtering going on somewhere?

Firebug console displays the following:

POST  404  Not Found  16ms

<head><title>404 Not Found</title></head>
<body bgcolor="white">
<center><h1>404 Not Found</h1></center>

I believe this used to work before. Anyway, filing as feature request.


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Project: Barracuda » Octopus
Component: Nginx Server » Miscellaneous

You should also install and add required js.php file in the platform root. See also: #1876418: Support for High performance JS Script callbackhandler

We could probably add to the contrib by default to make it easier.

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Project: Octopus » Barracuda
Component: Miscellaneous » Nginx Server

I'm using latest dev version of SHS on BOA but did not encounter this problem. (7.x-1.6+24-dev)

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Project: Barracuda » Octopus
Component: Nginx Server » Miscellaneous
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Since BOA already supports High-performance JavaScript callback handler, it sends all /js requests to /js.php

The SHS module probably used the /js based URI also when High-performance JavaScript callback handler was not installed, so it had to fail. If it is fixed in a recent SHS, then even better, but you may still benefit from adding High-performance JavaScript callback handler.

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Great, the -dev version of shs does indeed work.

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I put the js.php file and enabled js module, SHS is still working.

Thanks omega8cc!

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