Release info

Created by: TheCrow
Created on: June 10, 2013 - 07:08
Last updated: June 10, 2013 - 07:11
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Issue #1850270 by TheCrow: Fixed the missing URL in share text for Twitter button.
Issue #1111204 by TheCrow: Fixed the alt attribute according to WCGA 1.0 directives.
Issue #846098 by mickyw, TheCrow: Fixed the translation of service name and description.
by wiifm, Raphael Apard, TheCrow: Updated the Google Plus One widget.
Issue #1022582 by TheCrow: Added the height as parameter for Facebook Like widget.
Issue 1344258 by TheCrow: Added the ability to create links from custom data.
Issue #1454660 by TheCrow: Added the class attribute to the iframe tag in Facebook Like service.
Issue #624364 by Peter Bex, AndyF: Fixed Favorite Service for IE 7 and 8.
Issue #1400724 by natuk, TheCrow: Fixed Facebook Like and Twitter button counter with https.
Issue #1688494 by facal, TheCrow: Fixed Facebook Share widget.
Issue #1429488 by facal, Simon Georges: Added Button to Facebook Like types.
Issue #1665058 by TheCrow: Added the xxx-encoded-long-url tag.
Issue #1920852: by udvranto: Removed the deprecated Digg Smart Button.
Issue #1524562 by mh86: Fixed the SSL support for external Javascripts.
Issue #1330830 by dww: Fixed the encoding of titles.
Issue #1312222 by TheCrow: Fixed Linkedin Share Button.
Issue #1317300 by TheCrow: Fixed the query calculation with empty nodes.
Issue #1350498 by TheCrow: Fixed the front page generation with clean urls on.
Issue #1411366 by TheCrow: Added Pinterest service.
Issue #624364 by Moove, TheCrow: Fixed the DOM checking in the Favorite Service javascript.
Issue #1432764 by TheCrow: Changed the closure with a more compatible code.
by TheCrow: Removed Google Buzz obsolete service.
Issue #1409428 by joachimroeleveld: Fixed description field limit.
Issue #1286756 by TheCrow: Fixed the error raised when a service module is disabled.