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Last updated: June 9, 2013 - 20:25

Release notes

#1940006: Missing check for search404_disable_error_message by sshivell: Added missing check for search404_disable_error_message fo
r case where results array does not exist
#1964760: Remove page title variable_set from hook_install by q0rban: Removed setting of page_title variable in hook_install to prevent issues with Features modules
#1923954: Search 404 with ApacheSolr Search by lemming: Fixed issue with apache solr returning search_page as an array instead of an object expected by search404 resulting in form action being incorrect
#1878900: drupal_render should only get renderable array by Johnny vd Laar: Fixed issue with warning message related to results being a string when search results is empty
#1845810: Search submit button loop when used with apachesolr_search by heddn: Made modification in the apache solr search form to prevent submit button loop
#1815404: search.css not included when CSS aggregation is turned on by jaytennier: Fixed issue with CSS not included when CSS aggregation is turned on
#1736646: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in search404_page() (line 216 of /sites/all/modules/search404/search404.module). by cmejo, heddn: Fixed issue with incorrect access of search_path in apache_solr_custom_search_form returned for apache_solr search
Minor code cleanup

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