I recently traced an issue on the amazons3_cors to a conflict between Libraries and the version of the AWS SDK that is supported by the most commonly used AWS modules for Drupal (here: https://drupal.org/node/1968798#comment-7516515).

In short, the old AWS SDK unsets the $path variable in the global scope, which libraries_load_files() uses to build the path to the require_once on line 707.

This patch fixes that problem for that particular library by changing the name of the $path variable to $library_path.

Ideally we could all just use higher-quality libraries. I'm definitely not sending a patch which caches all defined variables before the require_once and restores them after, because that would be very silly. This is only slightly silly.

#4 2015731-4-tests-only.patch2.84 KBtstoeckler
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#3 2015731-1-3-interdiff.txt1.96 KBtstoeckler
#1 2015731-1-require_once-protection.patch1.46 KBtstoeckler
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fixes-amazons3_cors_libraries_info_alter-bug-1968798-7516515.patch1.4 KBCaptainHook
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Title: amazons3_cors/awssdk support issue » Add protection for library files overriding local variables in libraries_load_files()
Issue tags: +Needs tests
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I just stumbled over this issue again. While there's nothing inherently problematic with your patch I wonder if we can find a more generic / safe solution. I agree, however, that caching variables is not a viable solution.

Can you try the attached patch? Unless I'm mistaken it solves the issue in a minimally hackish way. Thanks.

I guess we should also provide tests for this.

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I like #1. Was exactly what I thought of when I hit the same issue with amazons3_cors.

Actually, for PHP 5.3+, we can just do:

call_user_func(function() use ($filename) { require_once($filename); });

For all versions, the wrapper function approach is safest, of course.

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Let's see.

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A tests-only patch can't hurt, maybe.

Status: Needs review » Needs work

The last submitted patch, 2015731-4-tests-only.patch, failed testing.

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