It appears that there are several issues concerning the pane title when one opts to use panelizer to control the display of a fieldable panel pane bundle.

To start, setting the title setting to 'no title' is not respected (still outputs the pane title with standard formatting).

Secondly, using the 'title' field content type does not work either.

Thus, what I'm getting with these settings:

Title:No title


I'm getting:


Other field

I hope that makes sense? It's very different from the behavior that I'm getting using panelizer with other entity types. I'm using semantic panels, but I cannot define a default semantic panel style for a specific FPP bundle (wouldn't that be nice?) thus I'm looking to panelize the default display to achieve this effect, so one does not have to style each individual fpp pane as its created.

#9 2015383-panelizer-title-lost-8.patch1.24 KBfubhy
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It also might be worth mentioning that I've applied #1588882: Use title for entity label when admin_title isn't present

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This patch is completely untested and might need some tweaks, but it should be close to fixing this.

rerooting’s picture dice... I'll try this in a sandbox and see if I can't isolate it. I'm wondering if the fact that I'm using panopoly has anything to do with it. The code certainly looks like it should work!

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Ok, tested it in a vanilla install, still not working. Using Panelizer, FPP, Panels, Ctools, etc all --dev from drush. No panoply this time (panopoly_magic messes with FPP titles a bit I think?)

It looks like both load and render are doing their job from the devel end of things.

hide_title is set to 1, and the content wants to show fieldable_panels_pane:title, however the panelized content is rendering blank, and the pane title is still showing in the default way.

heres the #panelizer_content array if you are interested:

#panelizer_content (Array, 4 elements)
content (String, 437 characters )

<div class="panel-flexible panels-flexible-2 clearfix" >
<div class="panel-flexible-inside panels-flexible-2-inside">
<div class="panels-flexible-region panels-flexible-region-2-center panels-flexible-region-first panels-flexible-region-last">
  <div class="inside panels-flexible-region-inside panels-flexible-region-2-center-inside panels-flexible-region-inside-first panels-flexible-region-inside-last">

no_blocks (Boolean) FALSE
classes_array (Array, 0 elements)
title (String, 0 characters )

There are a few other FPP<>Panelizer bugs that I will report in other issues! Let me know how else I can help, thanks a bunch!

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Oh, the code is checking !empty() on the title. Change that to isset().

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I tried fiddling around with the patch - it seems that it will make titles dissapear properly if they are set to no title, however the extra_field fieldable_panels_pane:title still isn't displaying in the content at all when the panelizer default template is set to no title. I'll see if I can't extend this patch to make it do that as well.

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Re-uploading fixed patch. I can confirm that this works with isset() now.

Status: Needs review » Needs work

The last submitted patch, 2015383-panelizer-title-lost.patch, failed testing.

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Status: Needs work » Needs review
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Sorry, screwed up the patch

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The patch in #9 works for me. Thank you.

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RTBC then. ;)

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Just tested this patch as well. Makes FPP and Panelizer work as expected now. Thanks!

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This patch doesn't affect the title when viewing an FPP entity on its own that is controlled via Panelizer, that uses the CTools plugin.

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Needs work

Test scenario:

  • Created an FPP type.
  • Customized the FPP type via Panelizer so that its title was displayed as a pane, along with a few other fields.
  • Created a new Panels page.
  • Added an object of the new FPP type to the Panels page.
  • Viewed the Panels page, the FPP's other fields are output but the title is not.

Changing this back to Needs Work.

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Not going to do this in 1.6.