I know this issue SHOULD go on the Acquia Drupal forum, but the first problem is that the forum is not working. I created a new account. I'm logged in. But I get "You are not allowed to post new content in this forum." at the top of any forum page. There are no directions for how to acquire posting privileges, if that's how you do it there. And, reading other issues posted for the same message (on forum installations), I'm lead to assume that Acquia is having troubles with their new forum and they don't know it.

What lead me there is an entirely more important problem for me, the error that I get while installing the Acquia Drupal Dev Desktop:
"Problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly. . . . . Setup::WaitMySQLStart() MySQL start timeout. Setupscript fail."

I try to launch my site via the Acquia control panel, I receive the error:
Process 'MySQLserver database server' failed to start

By the way, I'm installing on a VirtualBox version of Windows 7 that I just installed, just in case Windows configuration has anything to do with it.

Thank you in advance for help!


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Sounds complicated to get it working on a VM version of Windows. If you are willing to run a VM, why not use the lazy way to get Drupal running and grab a Drupal-optimized Linux VM such as Drupal Quickstart or Drupal Pro?

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I did get it running.

After tons of searching and troubleshooting, I ended deleted everything down to but not including the VM. Then reinstalled Aquia Dev Desktop and the current Drupal core, taking care not to try to short-cut or multi-task or second-guess the steps. And it worked flawlessly. My problem was novice/user error for sure.

This VM allows me access to other activities that I wouldn't have otherwise, in addition to setting up Drupal on a localhost. It it hadn't worked, I would have taken your suggestion.