Hi all,

I am still a noobie on Drupal so it might sound like a stupid question. I have installed the BlueMasters demo site on my local environment (MAMP Pro) following these steps (https://github.com/morethanthemes/bluemasters)

What I'd like to know is how do I get into the backend? I've tried www.mydomain.com/user and www.mydomain/users which I thought should be default to login to the Drupalbackend but I get a 404 /users not found. What am I doing wrong? Anyone please?

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When I try that I get 'Access denied' (within the site env) so I'm getting close but I still need a url where to login... :(

Keep in mind that I ONLY did these steps https://github.com/morethanthemes/bluemasters

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login it @ yoursite.com/?q=user/login

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Awesome! Thanks, I thought that Drupal themes had only one default login url.

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The theme has nothing to do with the login.