Is it possible to increase high pr if the website has less content.


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As you probably know, Google says that Page Rank is not very important for your ranking in Google search results. You increase Page Rank (named after Larry Page) by increasing incoming links.

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Yeah, I am agree with you point of view but how to increase back links in effective way? Could you explain plz.

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One of my new website took off within 3 months time.
Don't worry too much about PR. Keep adding new fresh content on regular basis. That's the mantra for success today.

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Yes, I too agree with John_B, Now days PR is not much important it is just one sign, content is most important part for every website.

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Page Rank only shows your website importance and relevancy. But Page Rank doesn't have direct influence on your SE positions.
Try to do your best to develop useful website with useful content. Then add relevant links on your website. As a result you'll have better SE positions and PR.

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I take it that when you mention PageRank you mean the green line present in the Google toolbar? This isn't actually the PageRank of your website.'s Domain Authority ranking is a much better metric to grade a website by... but i digress.

The answer to your comment is YES. Toolbar PageRank is attributed to every page of your website so modifying your site structure and content length will change it however, your home page TBPR will remain the same.

To increase TBPR build links to your deep content, create hubs/silos of content and build links to those. Remove all functional content i.e. Privacy Policy from being a site wide footer link and link to it from pages containing forms only. Link to your most valuable content from your home page.

Just remember that TBPR is updated infrequently throughout the year and it is known for being manually amended by the Google team if you're found spamming.

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I am sorry but OP has just asked (above) how to increase effective back links. And yet your (OP's) signature is "SEO training institute" and your website offers SEO courses. On the basis that you are already expert in SEO, and most of us (being mainly Drupal specialists) are not, this has to be an indirect way of promoting yourself rather than a real question. Does take that view that SEO excellence is indistinguishable from cynical spamming of support forum run by volunteers who give (and can sometimes be tricked into wasting) their time?

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Just want to let you know that the user is being monitored and discussed in the webmaster issue queue.

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Couldn't have said it better myself, lol. And an seo 'expert' that doesn't realize their links are being no followed anyway. See #2022857: Block user Mysite12

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basicly, make your home page, make sure you have enough meta tags, key words but not over use of same. once home page is made, never change it. ad banners do nothing for site. (if from other sites an not sub domains of yours). on home page,insure your product, service is well explained, . as page gets older, rank inproves. search engines see this as your not a fly by night site. an will be here tomorrow.

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Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Blog comments , facebook and twitter page promotion helps you to increase your pegerank, So do this thing to increase your page rank

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I think this very hard to increase pr for your site if the content is not good. You can try build back-link from other sites to your site. Share as social link, submit to search engines...

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you can try seo checklist and also boost to increase youre pages load speed ( very important that last module ) .

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As usual with these types of posts, it's become nothing more than a magnet for the legions of seo spammers destroying the internet post locked.