I really appreciate the aurora project and I know that here isnt really the right place to bring up this topic. But I couldn't think of a better because as far as I know Aurora is the only base theme which focuses this much on stuff like compass and grunt driven frontend development. So I started to build up my Aurora sub theme and ended up in a WSOD. It took me days to find out the source of that appearance because as we all know a WSOD doesnt tell you very much about it. But finally after renaming the subtheme I found out that there is a problem in the subtheme which cant be solved by renaming it. The small problem is called 'lcov.info' and a part of the grunt-karma extension. After deleting this file, everything works find again.
But that brings me to my point. Shouldnt there be a way to prevent a .info file from making such a big mess? Probably it would be better to address this issue somewhere else but my suggestion is that very likely in the Aurora theming environment some one else might step in the same trap as I did.

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to reproduce: put the attached file in your theme directory and here we go ...

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The file is inaccessible (403 error) and seems awfully large; orders of magnitude larger, in fact, than any file that comes with the Aurora stack. What is it? Because it's a .info file, it's entirely possible that Drupal is choking on it. If you're developing locally, while a WSOD won't tell you directly what's wrong, open up your PHP Logs, they will tell you why you're WSOD-ing.

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Thanks for your fast reply. I didn't think of checking the php error log. But this pointed me to a apache crash report. But I couldn't get more information from reading that. I attached the crash report to this comment (adding a txt-suffix to make it pass the upload validation test).
I have no clue why the attached lcov.info ist inaccessible. It is true that this .info is larger than any of the aurora stack files. but as far as you encourage to use grunt in sub themes you encourage people also to download grunt related node modules to their sub theme directory which might crash their site

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First, the implication that providing optional Grunt support for advanced users of a base theme aimed at advanced themers encourages users to go out and add on top the provided Grunt file without knowing the implications and accepting the "risk" of doing so and then relying upon me to troubleshoot any Grunt/Drupal integration issue is extremely rude and presumptuous.

Second, the reason I bring up the filesize of the .info file is not because it doesn't matter what you put into your theme directory, but because it very much does. Drupal's kind of stupid. If, for whatever reason, that Icov.info file got picked up by drupal_system_listing, it could very easily WSOD your site as it's significantly larger than any .info file the system is expecting. Considering the fact that you've stated that you can prevent the WSOD by simply removing that file, that's my bet, especially because crash reports are useless in determining what part of your PHP source is causing a WSOD, that's what the error log is for.

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Sorry, the intention of me bringing up this issue seems to be misinterpreted. I didn't intend to critisize your work. I really appreciate it.
My intention was mainly to inform you as theme developer and the community of my experience. The main reason for that was that I saw at least a small chance that another newbie would be stuck in the same helpless situation as I was. Very often a small research at drupal.org had provided solutions for me I could never have found out myself.
So, you are right, I am new in theming a drupal site and three month ago the relationship between a theme and a drupal system was quite opaque for (and honestly it still is).
So sorry again. Today I would write the summary of my experience differently. And thanks for your hints. It helped me a lot in finding the right spots to look for error messages when the content of the browser window isnt helpful at all.

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