Not an Omega issue, but hoping someone can help me with this question that's been bugging me.

If I use a fluid grid with Omega, let's say a 2-col grid is then 14.667% wide. That's fine. But when viewing the 2-col grid on a mobile device, I want the width of that same 2-col grid to then be 100%. I don't want it to be 14% of 300px.

Is this kind of thing just built in somewhere and I'm missing it? Or do I just write the rules myself, saying 'if device width is smaller than 320px, then 2-col grid is now 100%.' (for example)

I can do this, and have been doing this, but feel like I missing something. My preference in grids is to have just 1 "normal" 960 grid and everything below that to be 'fluid'.


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I'm guessing I just need to write the CSS myself, so when it's a grid within a grid, it's goes to 100%.