I have a fairly simple webform to which I've added a long text field (as a Text area with a summary). I use this for the instructions on how to complete the form and display it before the webform itself (via the manage display settings). I've just tried it with the modal forms module as I think it will look far slicker. However, the text field is not shown anywhere. When displayed normally, it's shown as I expect.

Moreover, if I disable javascript, the form displayed has a title "Webform" and again the text field isn't displayed.

Any ideas?

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Same issue here with the field body of the webform that is not displayed ...
Have you find the solution ?

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Can I just nudge this again? Is it an issue anyone's looking at? I'm no expert but may have a try myself to work out what's (not!) happening but it will take me some time.

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This is a small patch to add the body field if it exists. I think it is pretty useful, because lots of times you add a description of the form in the body. If it is present, it will be printed, if not, no harm done.

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Version: 7.x-1.2 » 7.x-1.x-dev

And this patch works with latest dev version of the module.

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There was a warning when trying to add the body to a webform that was already executed.
This is a new patch.