Currently the 'administer group' global permission manages access to global OG configuration and give also the all the permissions inside all the groups.

I suggest to split this permission in two others :

  • administer organic groups : to access OG global settings
  • bypass all organic groups permissions : to be granted of all groups permissions

What do you think about it ?


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> to access OG global settings

Not sure what you mean by that.

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> to access OG global settings

I mean for all admin/config/group pages or more generally everything that is not controlled by og_user_access

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Amitai do you have any opinion about this ? Do you want me to provide a patch ?

I have users who needs a kind of moderator rights on the groups but not the right to change default OG settings. I think, in a more general way, that we should separate permissions to let administrators fit to their own needs more easily.

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Administer group permission is too powerful.
There's now way without implementing a hook to deny a user with Administer group permission not to delete or update group content from other user.