I have a menu in the first sidebar that I use for providing links to add new nodes. How can I set that up to function with the brilliant Mobile Menu that works fine for my Main Menu (Primary in menu bar region)?

Does the region in which the menu resides have to be full width or something or can I just add some code to some files to enable another menu? (Looking more into that now)

Thanks for your help if you have the time.


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For now I just set the Secondary menu as my Create menu in the Menu Settings admin panel since I'm not currently using a Secondary menu for any other purpose where it must be selected as such:

I'd still be interested in knowing if altering settings.menutoggle.inc to simply include additional options for menus is sufficient though I'm guessing not, like:

// Core myownmenunamehere menu
$form['at']['menu-toggle']['menus-regions']['core']['menu_toggle_myownmenunamehere_menu'] = array(
'#type' => 'checkbox',
'#title' => t('MyOwnMenuNameHere menu'),
'#default_value' => at_get_setting('menu_toggle_myownmenunamehere_menu') ? at_get_setting('menu_toggle_myownmenunamehere_menu') : 1,

I don't really need to add another region (unless that's the only way) since that would affect other menus in the same region:

// Region - sidebar_first bar
$form['at']['menu-toggle']['menus-regions']['regions']['menu_toggle_sidebar_first'] = array(
'#type' => 'checkbox',
'#title' => t('Sidebar First'),
'#default_value' => at_get_setting('menu_toggle_sidebar_first') ? at_get_setting('menu_toggle_sidebar_first') : 1,

Would implementing any of these actually work or is there something elsewhere that would also need to be changed or again, is it required that it only be in a region that spans 100% width? I'm thinking that assumption about 100% width regions is irrelevant to setting a particular breakpoint width that probably uses the full window width and not a region's, or by device type like iPad in the menu block configure settings.

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So, after setting my Create menu as the Secondary menu, it appears that in order for it to function as a Mobile Menu, it must be in one of the 3 regions specified as options in the theme settings "Regions to apply menu toggles": Leaderboard, Header, Menu Bar

Ho hum.

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Dean, looks like Superfish has included a similar (albeit buggy) functionality, that can go anywhere Superfish will go.

Alternatively, maybe when Jeff has a chance he can say what he changed to make his mobile menu toggle work in more than one region.

i'm hoping he'll get to a release with this function soon, because I'm dodging updates in order to retain it.

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Superfish's mobile menu is nothing like AdaptiveTheme's from an end user's perspective. Superfish's just changes the menu into a form dropdown, simply not classy enough for me, nor does it match the interactivity of Superfish. AdaptiveTheme's mobile menu implementation is perfect for my needs and expectations, just need it on some other menus other than the main horizontal one in order to have a consistent experience for the user.

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There is also supposedly an accordion menu capability with Superfish, but I have never been able to get it to function, as you suggest with your comment.

I also really like the mobile menu function in AT. Hopefully Jeff can drop us some clues soon as to how one can expand the region options.

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Diane, there is now an accordian menu in the Superfish dev. I couldn't get it to function first, all I was getting was the standard select form. It turned out I was using the wrong version of the Superfish library.

You will need to download the latest Superfish plugin library (there is a link on the module page called "master baranch of the Superfish library"). Once that's installed the accordian menus will work as advertised.

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Alas I wish that were completely the case. There is something in our setup that is preventing it from working properly. But I am encouraged to hear that it should be working!