1. Download daycare theme from drupal.org

2. Add daycare theme folder in your website's site/theme folder.

3. Visit your website then go to appearance, Make a daycare theme as a default theme by clicking on "set default" link.

4. you can upload your website's logo by visiting yourwebsitename.com/appearance/daycare /setting/"Logo image settings"/upload your website's logo.

5. Now your default theme is a daycare theme. To upload the header and body image, go to appearance/daycare /setting/advanced settings/ upload header and body images.

6. If you want to add social networking sites in your website's header region then go to appearance/ daycare / setting/social icon/check "Show Social Icon"/add url of respective networking sites.

7. If you wish to display 1 or 3 blocks (as given in theme screenshot), create your blocks by visiting yoursitename.com/admin/structure/block and creating a new block using "Add block". You must assign these block to bottom first column, bottom second column or bottom third column based on your preference. The theme will automatically adjust the width of these blocks based on number of blocks you assign.