From homebox_build():

  foreach ($blocks as $block) {
    if (!isset($info[$block['module']])) {
      $info[$block['module']] = module_invoke($block['module'], 'block_info');
    if (isset($info[$block['module']][$block['delta']])) {
      $allowed_blocks[$block['module']][$block['delta']] = $info[$block['module']][$block['delta']];
      if (!empty($block['title'])) {
        $allowed_blocks[$block['module']][$block['delta']]['info'] = $block['title'];

The module_invoke call here stops hook_block_info_alter() from working. It needs to call the hook as well somehow.

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A bit more detail - I'm trying to rename the Custom Block, which by default gets the string "Homebox custom block". I can do this on the homebox layout page, but doing so stops the title being overridden when the user supplies their own title.

My solution was to create a hook_block_info_alter() in my custom module and change the title there. That doesn't take because homebox_build() never invokes the alter hook (I ran through with a debugger to confirm this).

I guess the solution is to trigger the alter hooks after module_invoke, and thats what this patch does.


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This patch applies. You want the user supplied title to be overwritten by the string the administrator supplies?

I'm just missing the steps to test this.