Hi there, I installed Homebox. Its a great module. Very nice out of the box. I want the homebox page to appear under the user profile tabs, as that is supposed to be a feature, but I cannot find any way to activate the feature. Where should I look?


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I have switched to the dev version since that was updated most recently. I still can't find any option to make the homebox page appear under the user profile tabs... How can I make the homebox page appear as a tab under the profile tabs

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It's under Admin/People/ You need to create a Homebox page first.

Bad thing is you can't get Homebox as a profile page for *any* user, just for your own (current logged in) user. So, with Homebox you can get a customizable dashboard for a user, but not a public profile page for others to view. This latter is what I'm looking for actually but Homebox is not it.