This issue is regarding possibility of using Organic Groups along with commerce_marketplace module to implement marketplace functionality in drupal commerce. OG group is a powerful entity which can can act as a fully separated container for store specific products, their displays, payment etc. Using OG will give us more flexibility in terms of contents and their permissions. It will also remove the need for extra modules like commerce_marketplace_stores, commerce_marketplace_store_access, commerce_marketplace_store_orders. The rest of the functionality of commerce_marketplace like marketplace_orders, shipping, funds can be used to fill the missing gaps. Any views on how best we can use OG with commerce_marketplace module?


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I agree with you. I'm working on a project marketplace and I think that integration with OG may help to achieve a real social marketplace. Hope to be able to carry out the integration. I saw that farhadhf is doing a good job on commmerce_marketplace!

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@Fercoc :Hi,if you create a patch for this please post it here so as other people use it.Or just insrtructions how to do this with OG.

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I also agree with this approach. It was originally discussed in this issue but I am not sure if anything came out of it.

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I think a basic model should be as follows :

Group = Store / Seller

The owner of the marketplace is the administrator of all the groups .

In the configuration of the store , I think that there are parameters that should be managed only by the owner and the seller must be able to choose the options .

Every seller must be able to manage:
- The product catalog. Beware though, the product categories and product variation type must be changed only by the owner the marketplace .
- Payment methods : each seller must be able to enter their data (eg. Paypal account ), but the available methods must be managed by the owner
- Shipping : shipping methods segmented between those created dall'owner . The seller can only change costs.
- Customer profile ( managed by the owner )
- Taxes ( managed by the owner )
- Checkout (managed by the owner)
- Currency (managed by the owner)
- Line items (managed by the owner)
- Pricing rules (managed by the owner)

The SKU should be generated automatically and have in it the ID of the store (group )

When a customer makes a purchase must be able to choose between the products of all sellers and an order must be created for each seller.

Every seller must be able to manage , of course, only his orders . While customers are common to all groups / sellers

As a seller is a group, in addition to its store and catalog , it can enrich it with other content such as events, blogs, etc. .

How can this be done with OG and commerce_marketplace ? Is it particularly complex from the point of view of programming ?

Are available to test possible solutions !

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Any news on this?

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@fercoc:When you finish with the project,will you share with us code and instructions how to make a social commerce?
@farhad:Are there any thoughts of using OG with marketplace?

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Has there been any further thought on this?

If OG is to be used as the main "Store" entity type, it would be better to implement this earlier rather than later to save migration.

As above, OG integration will remove the need for a lot of commerce_store and commerce_store_access as OG has almost identical access control functionality. The advantage is that these elements will be updated and maintained by the popular OG module if there are bugs/security holes.

I think to achieve what @fercoc has outline above in #4:

- The entity reference fields cmp_store, and cmp_o_store need to be updated to use the OG handler in the install file of commerce_store
- Creation of the entity type commerce_store and the field cmp_m_store need to be removed from the install file. We no longer need to reference users to a store, as they can just be members of a group
- The presave and store_save functions need to be removed from commerce_store.module.
- The store_load function needs to be updated to use "node" as OG's are nodes
- The updates to the commerce_store_access module are probably the most complex. I believe most of the functionality can be removed, but links need to be made to the OG permission system
- The permission checks and commerce_store references need to be updated in the other modules (funds, order, shipping) to reference OG and the OG permissions.

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I am looking for this functionality too. looking forward for some progreess

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Any updates?

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