First of all thank you for a great distribution and commerce solution!

I have created a block view of related products which I display in the postscript zone under the viewed product on the product display. Everything works fine until I change the size of the product. Then page reloads and all the product images have moved to the related products view?

The view has the format unformatted list and shows fields, where the fields is: Content: Rendered Node (product list display)

I have attached screenshots of the issue and I find it very strange so I hope somebody has a clue.


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Category: support » bug
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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

That's probably because an other plugin or something is breaking the js of that page, because usually when you update the size, an ajax call is being performed, if it reloads the page, this means something is broken. As this is not happening on a fresh install, I'm not able to reproduce it without more information.