I need some clarification on how best to pass an argument to a view that is displayed using a dynamic field.

First I created a content type called essay which has two entity references to other node types publisher and publication. What I did was create a view with a contextual filter referencing the node id. The view works as intended as a block, when added via the standard Drupal blocks page. It manages to reference the node id and display the correct referenced entities when tested in the views UI and also as a normal block rather then dynamic filed.

Since I am using Display Suite for my node layouts, I want to use the view in my essay content type via display suite. I researched the problem and found this old thread (https://drupal.org/node/1341858). I enabled views content panes and inserted the view into a dynamic field. I then placed the dynamic field into my node layout however I discovered there are no arguments being passed to the dynamic field at all. I added a few %1 %2 %3 arguments to the overridden title to see if it anything was print out and nothing displayed in the title.

I feel like there is a step I am missing in all of this. Any assistance would be appreciated.


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Subscribe. I am experiencing the really same issue …

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Same issue here.

The only argument that can be passed to dynamic field is Node-ID.

Any others are NOT working. Tested with:

* Entity References module
* References module
* Text field containing ID
* Numeric field containing ID

Note: found this entry in my logs, which might be related to this issue:

Undefined property: Profile::$language in ds_render_ctools_field() (Zeile 880 von ..../ds/ds.module)
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Same issue with eck entities

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It doesn't work with Argument Input: Input on page config %1 %2 %3 arguments like

It works with Argument Input: From Context , choose the right required context( eg. entity id). On field configuration it is read only entity being viewed

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drupal.org/project/eva has probably better support for views. You can also make a "function field" in code if you're comfortable with writing code.

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No response so I suspect everything to be fine. Also check drupal.stackechange.com for additional help.
Lots of ACTIVE :) people helping each other.