Facebook comments block in Drupal not updating when users add comments and required a refresh to get them to show up.

Further it is defaulting to Social Ranking when the normal default would be Reverse Chronological.

Any clues?


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I do experience the same with needing a refresh, but I believe this behavior is set by FB as the Comments block actually loads itself in iframe - so unless FB decides to change it, the only option would be to implement JS in the block that would watch over the frame and reload it.

As to order of display - you can set it in settings for your app at https://developers.facebook.com/tools/comments

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A JS refresh of the block would be better than now. It's a PITA to have to explain this to every commenter.

Thanks for the other. Found it in 10 seconds after an hour of searching the other day.

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Here a easy solution... :) and I thought I was going to need to write code.


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I set the order up in Facebook to Reverse Chron...

In Facebook it is correct and the setting is held. In the comment block on the web page nothing seems to make it stick... I've tried XFBML & HTML5, ever cache refresh, disabling all optimizations nothing is making it stick. Further the block refresh module does exactly squat.

Any more clues?