cant seem to get this working.
i am testing a text document and .docx document in views, and also separately in panels,
and able to see a file link, for download, no matter which formatter i choose.
i would like to display the content of the file, and choose render file, but all i get is a file link.
i've tried first with private files, then public. pretty much all options to no avail.
is viewing the file contents not possible and am i missing something?


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ok i see now with txt file when i click on the link it opens page showing the rendered file text. still trying to get docx file to render; that prompts a download on link click.

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Through the Views integration provided by File entity you can display files using any of the available view modes. You can configure how each view mode is displayed by visiting the File types page (admin/structure/file-types) and selecting "manage file display" for any of the available file types. On the Manage file display page you can configure any number of file formatters to use when displaying the file in any of the available view modes.

Note that you'll generally need a custom formatter to display complex/proprietary file formats such as .docx. I'd suggest looking into something like Google Viewer file formatter.

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