Handling of different condition for block based on the theme (that block is created using views). For example: In 'x' theme, the block need to be displayed in "sample" page but for 'y' theme block should not be displayed in "sample" page.

How can I do this?


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Perhaps you are able to define whether or not the block should be displayed and where in the block overview page. You can access that page via structure > blocks and from there select the block you want to change

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I configured the block. But i want to display the block in different path. For example : in 'x-theme' i want to display that block on /node/1 path . but in 'y-theme' i would like to display the same block on /sample path. i set the condition in Show block on specific pages, it applied for both 'x' and 'y' theme. but what i want is the condition should apply only on 'x' theme. how to do this?

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The best way is to use 'context' module.

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I got the solution. I used Context Condition Theme module(https://drupal.org/project/context_condition_theme) in addition with context module. Configure all the settings. It worked well.
Thank you.