Great module - I'm just wondering if someone can guide me on how to achieve a specific thing...

I have a content type that has quite a large amount of content in each node, so I've decided to create a set of vertical tabs that will house the content in a more user friendly manner using field group.

Everything works fine, however I need to move the tabs only (the ul and li's) to a region on the page (the right sidebar) which is separate to where the actual content displays.

I played around with 'display suite' to try and achieve this, but to my knowledge you can't actually separate the tabbed navigation as a block from the content it displays and place it in a region of your choosing.

I also saw that there is the module 'fieldgroup menu' that almost does what I want, however it seems that this module actually generates separate pages (url's) for each tab. This isn't what I need to achieve. I need it to function exactly as it does using just 'field group' vertical tabs, but to be able to place the tabs only into a different region and for the content to display all on the same page within different tabs.

Is there another way that I should be approaching this? Any help would be appreciated.