I've enabled the module and I've tried to add a field to a new content type.

When trying to save the field settings, the "default value" field is highlighted in red, and the following message is displayed:

The value in Cell Phone Number* is not a valid phone number

* My field name

I've checked the box to exclude this from clientside validation, so I'm assuming that it's the Phone module enforcing this requirement.


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Project: Phone » Clientside Validation
Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-1.37

Seems it is clientside validation causing the issue, not the Phone module.


Something else to note, when typing in the default value, keystrokes are missed while trying, leading me to believe that the field is being constantly validated.

A work around:

1. The initial field setup requires a default value even if the exclude from clientside validation is checked.
2. Edit the field again and remove the default value, while keeping the exclusion box checked.

Please feel free to request any additional information, thanks.

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You could add admin/structure/types/manage/* to the paths on admin/config/validation/clientside_validation/general.

If you don't the field is being validated while editing the settings.

Keystrokes are missing because the validation is done using an ajax callback, since the settings are country specific.