I have a problem when i put a bef filter on my view on the changed core node field.
On the exposed form filter, when i've selected a date in the calender, i got an incorrect date format in the textfield (for exemple i got 05/jj/aa).

I don't know why there is only the month displayed in the textfield, at the begining, and after that just jj/aa



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I've got the same issue ?
Has someone solved it ?

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I founded the solution, when you choose a date as an exposed filter with BEF, don't choose the classic field date (created, updated).
Instead, choose the

Date : Date (node) field

And you will be able in the parameters of this field exposed, to choose wich date field it apply to and the format will be correct.

Hope it will help.

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Thank you for your help.
I added exposed filters with BEF in admin/commerce/orders/list to make it easier to manage orders. So actualy I am using "created field date".
I can't see the field your talking about in the Filter criteria ?
Maybe I should add a relationship ?