I'm using taxonomies and pathauto to generate url paths to the taxonomy terms. The terms have a hierarchy for example

  • Library
    • FAQ
      • policy

so the URL should be /library/faq/policy

but I'm getting /faq/library/policy

I using [term:parent:url:path]/[term:name] but its the same with the other options

This is a fresh install of the current version of Drupal (24hr old)

is there a path or work around for this issue?



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I found the issue, it was the weight setting for Library which was set to 1 and the others are set to 0

That being said it dosent seem logical that this would happen as I wouldn't have thought the weight would override the hierarchy as set i the taxonomy, for example:
the numbers represent the weight and the list represents the hierarchy

  • first-main-item 1
    • sub-item-one 0
    • sub-item-two 0
  • Second-main-item 0

I would expect the url for sub-item-one to look like
/first-main-item/sub-item-one because sub-item-one is not at the parent level so its weight should be constrained by it ls level and not override the parents weights.

but the order/weight of the parents would be Second-main-item then first-main-item as Second-main-item's weight and first-main-item are at the same level but Second-main-item would come fist as its weight is set to 0