I committed some code to a contrib project about an hour ago. The commit turns up on drupalcode.org, but that site thinks the code was commited over 2 days ago, which is wrong from wrongtown :-) The project page on d.o now also lists the same commit as 'a day ago', which is not right either.

See https://drupal.org/node/727336/commits and http://drupalcode.org/project/userpoints_evaporate.git/commit/a87c9c9519...


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Are you sure that you didn't make your local commit two days earlier than you pushed it to d.o?

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Yes, 100% sure. I created the commit and pushed it immediately. However, I did travel from Australia to Portland before committing and pushing. I am pretty sure I worked on a local copy on a new VM and locally applied a patch after I had adjusted my local timezone.

I'm close to certain I didn't change my local timezone from Melbourne to Portland in between the commit and the push either.

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If there are no other examples of commits being off, time wise, Im going to say that this was probably a timezone issue on either the VM or somehow crossing the dateline. In any case it hasnt happened again.