"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC in /oursite/sites/all/modules/services/servers/rest_server/includes/ServicesRESTServerFactory.inc on line 33"

After installing the 3.x-dev version, I get the above error at any endpoint I attempt to contact. No endpoints work - all generate this error.

These are all endpoints that worked fine before I updated to the dev version.

I have tried de-installing and re-installing. I even went so far as to clean up the database by hand (removing menu and system entries, services endpoint table, etc) and do a completely clean install. Still no-go. The site is running Drupal 7.22. The only weird thing I'm seeing is that the status report complains that I have not included the spyc.php library in the rest_serrver/lib directory, even though it is clearly present and readable by the web server process.

I have a hard time believing this is happening to other people, since it completely prevents services from functioning at all, and I can't imagine I'd be the first to complain. Can anyone offer suggestions about what I may have done wrong?

#5 ServicesRESTServerFactory.inc_.patch580 bytesbarthje
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I just did a completely fresh install of a blank Drupal site, with only the services module and the modules it depends on. Got the same exact error. So.... does this mean the dev version is just broken?

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Argh. Most sincere apologies. The problem is that our php install is ancient. So, yeah, apparently Services won't work with php 5.2.11

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The static:: syntax is only available in php 5.3 and up.

So unfortunately that line creates a dependency on 5.3.

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The system requirements for Drupal 7 are PHP 5.2.5 or higher (PHP 5.3 recommended).

As of PHP 5.3.0, it's possible to reference the class using a variable.


A note on the issue page stating that you need to upgrade to PHP 5.3 before installing this update would be great.

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It seems like this is the only line that needs PHP 5.3. I wonder why this way was chosen? It only hurt people that can't upgrade to PHP 5.3+

Anyway, a small patch that helped us with this problem is included.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Thanks for spotting this. Committed.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Issue summary: View changes

Patched submitted at #5 worked for me.
Resolved error "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC" by applying provided patch to ServicesRESTServerFactory.inc

Thanks Bart!

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Thanks for the patch at #5! This fixes things on our PHP 5.2.17 install. I can't wait until this patch is in the releases -- currently, I have to update the module and manually reapply.