Is possible to use only one vocabulary for a reference term used in multiple content types? And the term link point to a different view?

For example...

I have the vocabulary Cities and work with two content types, News and Events. I would like that when select a city in a node News, then go to a view with only the content type News.

Or I need to create one vocabulary per content type?


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This module does not allow to do what you want and, moreover, I think it would be really complicated because you cannot really know from which node your user is coming when he arrives on a taxonomy term (nor anywhere else).

If your need is to have a view showing only nodes of types A and another only nodes of types B you may use two different taxonomies and synchronize them with a bit of code (hook_taxonomy_term_insert).

I don't know exactly what you need but what you wrote here is really hard and even if you made something it would never really be reliable.

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Yes, I understand...

But imagine you have more than one content type and all could use the same city vocabulary. I don't know if is possible redirect a term depending of the content type, of course, the term will be displayed inside of a node.

The problem is when the term is displayed outside of the content, for example in a menu or taxonomy view display, there is no reference from where the term come.

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You could try to use a view with an exposed filter on the content type, hidden with CSS or some php code.
Then in your nodes you would have to add something like ?type=mytype to the terms' urls.

This is the only way to reliably detect the origin of your user.

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