I plan to improve the Views handlers so that we can display tournaments participants and matches. It would be great to hear from developers on the specific ways in which they hope to display data from the BracketCloud API before I start on this.

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I would very much like to be able to display to the following data in a View:

  • Winner of the tournament
  • Location of the tournament
  • Direct path to the tournament in bc (so I can utilize rewriting to link to the tournament)
  • Starting time of thje tournament (Can't even set this in any info at BC, just game times, but a general Tournament datetime would be a nice addition to have)

For us, the View block basicly doubles as sort of a quick info of a tournament. Rather than having to edit information in multiple places, the optimum would be to have the information set in BracketCloud and then by utilizing the API, showing the tournament information where ever we want to, such as old tournaments page (listing tournaments and their winners, the info block on a tournament page etc.

I would also like to be able to pass arguments to the view so that:

  • Show the View in a Panel on a content page (http://i.imgur.com/gSGDLJC.jpg top right)
  • The argument (Tournament ID) would be passed from a numeric field in the node (or the BracketCloud field itself)

Currently I have to duplicate the block view in order to set the TID filtering per tournament. Passing arguments would be really beneficial.

Edit: I will add more details and usecases later on as I can think of new ones (if and when they can be considered "generally useful").

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Some great suggestions there.

  • Winner of the tournament - OK, will add as a field.
  • Location of the tournament - OK, will add as a field.
  • Direct path to the tournament - was this not a field already? Tournament URL?
  • Starting time of the tournament - This is not a field on BC so I would recommend you just add a date field to your content type instead.
  • For adding a block on content page, I'll need to look further into this but a combination of contextual filters and relationships should work.
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There are no contextual filter choices available in the BracketCloud view.

Only one relationship as well "General: Zero" (not sure if that's what it's called in English, my GUI is in Finnish).

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Yeah, I meant I need to look into adding contextual filters and relationships into the views integration. :)

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Hi @fenda ,
Today i was starting to setup a tournament framework for a new tennisclub website i am working on.
I've been looking at the bracketcloud.com specs and they seem to be rich enough to fulfill my needs.

About a year ago you wrote you would add some additional fields as intially requested by rnyberg.
What's the current status of this ?
As i see now, when populating my view with BC fields, i cannot seem to find them (eg. winner, location and maybe also the BC given description). see attached screenshot

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@RAWDESK Unfortunately I haven't had time to add these in yet. I would like to get to them at some point but not sure when! Views handlers are fairly trivial to write so if you fancy taking a stab yourself and contributing a patch back, that would be awesome!