I have a site in Drupal 6.28 and want to change the domain that the site is on to a different domain name url.

How do I do this? Simple thing? no?


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Simple. Just set up a virtual host or hosting account with the new domain name. Move the Drupal code to the document root for the new domain. Move the database (if it is on a new server, otherwise that is not necessary). Set up the DNS of the domain name to point to the server. Clear Drupal's caches.

That is the quick way. There are various issue you may have particularly if you have any non-standard settings on your site. So on the basis that you are new to moving a Drupal site, the safest course is to look up the documentation and follow it. As with most things the answers to any question can be found from the Documentation link at the top of this page. To save you time I have gone in and found the link for you: https://drupal.org/node/776864