I'm posting this issue, because I have find very little information about this message:

The core RDF module is known to cause validation problems for Open Graph meta tags. Unless it is actually needed for the site, it may be worthwhile to disable the RDF module to avoid any possible problems for the Open Graph integration.

... so, I'm wondering what kind of problem I'm risking!

Actually, I need the RDF module for Schema.org, and I think that many people which are interested to OpenGraph may also want Schema.org features.

Could it be possible to have some indication about the issue and also, if and when it could be fixed?

Thanks for help.


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Title: The core RDF module is known to cause validation problems for Open Graph meta tags. » Solve problem of RDF causing validation errors for Open Graph meta tags
Category: feature » bug

Lets handle it this way.

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Thanks Damien, in the meanwhile I might switch from schemaorg to https://drupal.org/project/microdata, which don't need the core RDF module

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I saw this message also. Is there any solution / recommendation?

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So what validation problems/errors are we talking about? Would someone who understands the subject matter be kind enough to explain what's going on here?

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I am seeing the same problem. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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IIRC the problem was noted in #1553680: Required Open Graph data are missing.

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Status: Postponed » Active

It seems like 7.33 will include the core fixes, so I'm reopening this.

FYI this issue needs to be tested against the current core 7.x codebase to confirm the validation problems are gone.

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Status: Active » Fixed

This was solved in core.

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@Damien : FYI the message about validation problems is still visible with 7.34

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@gillesbailleux: Per #1978708: Revert: Add a README.txt note about OG validation problems from core RDF module, the next release of Metatag will include an updated note if the site has 7.32 or older, but it will no longer show a message if the site is running 7.33 or newer.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.