When editing Display Suite Fields, I find it somewhat annoying that it isn't possible to stay on the edit-page of the field, after saving the content. A simple destination-parameter in the URL could solve this "issue".

Could be neat if there was another button on the right side of the Save button, something like "Save, stay on page" or something similar. It would make the editing process much better and quicker, and save the user from a bunch of unnecessary clicks.

Hopefully this will be included in feature releases of this great module.



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I contacted the UX people that helped we building the 7.x-2.x interface tweaks. If they say "OK" we'll think about it, if they have valid reasons to don't do it we won't add it.


Thnx for the report and sorry for the late answer!

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I would personally advise against this, we do have this in other places but its proven to cause issues with people not knowing which save button to push. Although slightly inconvenient if all you are doing is pressing save from time to time, this would be better solved with temp storage.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

But temp storage doesn't prevent the redirection which is the main issue.
But ok if UX says no we are going to close this one.

Thanks for the report anyway