When upgrading from 3.x-dev to 3.0-alpha of the openlayers module, I go through the normal update process and so it says the following pending updates:

openlayers module
7204 - Renamme the 'baselayer' in 'isBaseLayer' in layers.
7205 - Change the case of machine_name for layers, maps and styles. Warning, it can break things.
7206 - Migrate configured projections so that other projections as those of EPSG can be used, too.

After that, it fails with the following messages:

Update #7204
Failed: Exception: Projection EPSG:4326 requested but not supported in openlayers_get_projection_by_identifier() (line 51 of /Users/Marco/upanup/amica264/sites/all/modules/openlayers/includes/openlayers.projections.inc).

Hope someone can help.


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)


3.x is not ready for use now, this is why I removed it from the project page.
If you want to use it, install it from fresh install.