I have a site running Drupal 5.21 that is updated very, very rarely. It's essentially an archive of photos, videos and audio, and occasionally there are new blog posts. I'd love it if I could have commenting but don't know how to achieve that without getting an avalanche of spam. (I'm running Text captcha 5.x-3.1 but it doesn't seem to help.)

Recently I went to update the site and found several pages of spam comments waiting in the approval queue, and several pages of new user accounts. I know I had the settings such that only admin could create new user accounts, and I was the only admin.

I'm out of my depth here. I've disabled comments and put user settings back to admin only, but obviously if someone made changes before, they can do it again.

What should my next steps be? Should I upgrade? Add other modules?

And is there a way to bulk-remove spam posts and users?

Thanks in advance.


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Drupal 5.x is no longer supported and hasn't been since the release of Drupal 7.x. Thus no security issues have been dealt with for quite some time in core or even in contrib modules many of which have been supplanted by rewrites. You should be at a minimum of Drupal 6.x and a battle plan for moving to Drupal 7.x as Drupal 6.x is nearing its EOL.