Crowd Freedom is a site created to discuss ideas on creating a new free society. Many people, including myself, are not too pleased with the way governments operate on this planet and it is my hopes to help facilitate discussions towards how we could all get together and start a new country.

The site operates on a voting system that is weighted using a custom algorithm called UserRank, similar to Google's PageRank algorithm. Users gain authority by receiving votes from members and members with more votes have more say so on how to rank answers.

The overall goal of the site is to organize discussions in many different areas pertaining to a free society and then actually raise money and execute on the goal. It is quite the lofty goal and I would be interested in everyone's feedback.

The website is located at:

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I share your passion and Idea, I think that this would come from a socity based on education , and education of free thinking. I am using traditional books and basic education moduling to first develop an information dynamic delivery management system with drupal. And then after the pathways of information delivery are heavily in use, I hope it will provide a basis to do more than just like independant thinking of say like facebook... but to actually provide a petri dish like community throguh which infoprmation can be discovered and distributed. but be ware aI am workign on the technical immplementation and a far way away. My first development goal is to successfully use it asa homeschooling platformfor my own children. I have used it to teach several university classes online over the last years.... but i find a complete curriculum management system and social networking support for total informnation awareness and transparancy is a great challenge. Or I have OCD and a drupal obsession wiht categorizing things. I am not sure :)