Not sure about English, as I haven't gotten that far yet, though I've used this theme before with little to no problems. The Chinese characters are going right up to the edge of the image, and we can't have that. Is there a simple fix on the CSS? Maybe kill a part of it? I'm using both WYSIWYG and normal "Full HTML" and hspace="5" isn't working. Page below in code:

<h2><img src="/sites/default/files/emblems.jpg" width="398" hspace="5" vspace="5" align="right">为多种工作环境提供工作服</h2>

Obviously the images aren't there. Actual site is English is but the theme is an exact copy after I built the Chinese, so it should work just the same.


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Line 78
table { margin-bottom: 1.4em; width:100%; }

I removed the width:100% bit, put the images into their own tables, and its working for now. Though a more standard uniform fix would be nice.