I have a website created with Drupal 6 (Pressflow) and the "Memcache" and "Authcache" modules installed. On the Web are registered and anonymous users.
When a registered user login on the website and add his login and password a block created with the module "Views" shows their name and his avatar.
After installing and configuring "Authcache" this block has a curious behavior. If a user visits the pagefront of the website (for example) shows his user name and image. It is ok. But If then other user visits the same page (pagefront), instead of showing their name and image above shows the user's previous.

How I can fix this error?
Looks like the module caches the page and them the next user see this cached page but without clear the cache session (or the cookie or something like that…)
In fact if a user visit a page and adds some content the next user that visits this page not see the new content, will see the previous page without the new content.

Anyone can help me?

A greeting
Barry Collins


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Authcache 6.x has no built-in support for views. If the view is shown as a block, you should try to deliver that block using Ajax.

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Thanks!, I tryed your recommendation and all is ok now. The only thing is that now the block takes too long to load… but well, at least now, it works.

Thanks again
Barry Collins

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