Using the colorbox integration, I get both vertical and horizontal scrollbars in Webkit and IE. On some computers, I am getting them on FF as well. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

And views:

I have tried several different colorbox themes, all kinds of different sizes in Video Embed Field > Settings. Always with the same result. Scrollbars inside Colorbox on everything but Firefox. I've tested on Mac and PC. if the scrollbars weren't there, the video would be slightly cut off.

I get the following error irregularly:

Strict warning: Only variables should be passed by reference in template_preprocess_video_embed_field_embed_code() (line 355 of /home8/anthoob7/public_html/videotest/sites/all/modules/video_embed_field/video_embed_field.module).

Any help in eliminating these scrollbars would be appreciated. I realize I can simple set overflow: visible to hide the scrollbars, but sometimes I'm loading content that NEEDS to scroll. This seems to be limited to this module's integration. I haven't encountered this issue using image styles or colorbox node module yet.

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Not sure about the error but this is actually a setting in colorbox.


second to last option to will be Scrollbar settings:

scroll menu option

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That's because the iframe displays as inline by default, which means it has a line-height. Effectively the iframe become higher than its height property. Setting line-height: 0; or display: block; fixes it.


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Hi working on this as well.

With colorbox 7.x - 2.4 and the 1.x plugin, I don't get scrollbars in the config.

any suggestions for a patch on 2.0-beta5? 1st time using this module, not familiar with the code.

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Try to apply my patch

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After some other changes in code, I can't reproduce this bug in 7.x-2.x-dev. So marking as fixed.

Please, feel free to reopen it if your problems persists.

Thank you for your interest in this module.