Have ran into a scenario with a site running 2.0-unstable7. The first time you go into node/add/something to create content having only just logged in, open the media browser for a field and upload a file, when the file entity form is finished and the Submit button is clicked it doesn't close the window - it's stuck with the "The file [] has been changed" message in the dialog, there's no way of closing the dialog so you basically have to reload the node/add page again.

I believe this may be a duplicate of another issue but I couldn't find it with a quick search, feel free to close it if it is indeed a duplicate.


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I just tried to replicate this scenario with the recent 2.0-aplha1 and wasn't able to do so. Were you able to overcome this issue? Could you possibly confirm whether this was on your local development environment of if perhaps there were some other issues with the install base?

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I'm not able to reproduce this using the latest -dev but with #2182823: Display dialog title and close button for better UX you can now close the browser using the jQuery dialog close button.

Please reopen if you're still having this issue.