I have activated the module and everything needed is enabled but the video embed field is not showing up at all.
Not sure what to do at this point.


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Same for me. I have installed the module and added a video embed field for a content type. But it is not displaying while on displaying the node.

I couldn't find a README.txt file with the module package. If it provide it is very help full to configure module.

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Me too. Must you install a player first? Or must you have a Vimeo Plus subscription or something? I've tried both as a regular field and using Views.
Using beta7.

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I recant! I was entering the wrong url.
Vimeo lets me define a custom url for the video, and I was using that. But I apparently have to use the unadulterated, vanilla url.
Turns out it really is as simple as it looks - thanks!

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I too was using the custom URL and not understanding why the video player wasn't working. It would be helpful if instead of Video URL, the dialog box would default to: Raw Video URL. Or else Video URL (not an alias)

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When using this with feeds_youtube dev version, use the 'watch_page' field to fill video_embed_field's URL field.