Hi Forum,
I have a problem installing WampServer 2.0 on Win XP (PHP 5.3.0)? It didnt work so I tried to install Drupal 6.13 and this was made much worse? Any advice please



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Hello exceptionaldan,
Have you found the solution ? I Have the same problem to a new version with drupal for my website http://www.alexeo.fr
Waiting your answer :-)

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Have received some helpful tips on these posts, but still not resolved and got a final solution. When one works I will post back to you. Kind Regards Dan.

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First please read http://drupal.org/documentation/install and all linked pages very carefully.
After finishing that begin to install.

This will help you.

In short:
First install a webserver, a database and then install drupal.
If you start with a fresh install, then use Drupal 7 and not the old Drupal 6!

On windows I use XAMPP from http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html to install a dev environment, but never for a real public server!

Good luck!


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Not sure what the difference between Windows 7 and Windows XP. I am running a xampp stack on Windows 7 and it works fine. That being said, here is how you install drupal on windows if you're new:


Note: I usually choose UTF8-General for the database type. If you want to watch a tutorial in German, it's still fairly straight forward:


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First you have to install WAMP server properly. And then Drupal. If WAMP doesn't install properly, how you can install Drupal?

If you have problem installing WAMP, then ask question in WAMP website for forum.

However, you can also install Drupal on Acquia Drupal software. Download Acquia Drupal from Aquia Website. After downloading if you have any problem installing then ask question here for Drupal or Acquia Drupal installation.

Best of Luck.