In case you are using 7.x-2.0-dev version of geofield you need to change the field structure using ['geom'] and ["input_format"], see attachment
array(1) {
array(1) {
array(2) {
array(3) {
string(5) "point"
string(9) "41.895466"
string(9) "12.482324"
string(7) "lat/lon"

In your migration class you should define
in constructor:
$geo_arguments = array(
'lat' => array('source_field' => 'profile_lat'),
'lon' => array('source_field' => 'profile_long'),
'input_format' => array('source_field' => 'field_source_geotype_input_format'),
And in prepareRow
$row->field_source_geotype_input_format = 'lat/lon';

geofield.inc_.patch940 bytesmarco.giaco
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Geofield migrations were failing for me using Geofield 1.2. I was able to get them working by updating to Geofield 2.0 and then applying this patch to Migrate Extras.

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This works, but it took me a while to figure it out.

Reviewing the comments in the migrate_extras/ file, we configure an array of arguments inside our constructor:

$geo_arguments = array(
    'lat' => array('source_field' => 'Latitude'),
    'lon' => array('source_field' => 'Longitude'),
    'input_format' => array('source_field' => 'geotype_input_format'),

Note that Latitude and Longitude are the names of the respective fields from my source data.

Per the comments in the migrate_extras/ file, the geometry type should be passed in as the primary value

$this->addFieldMapping('field_station_coordinates', 'point')

Note that point in the snippet above didn’t exist in my source data, so I define it in prepareRow().

In your prepareRow() function, we need to define two more “rows” that we’re referencing above (geotype_input_format and point):

function prepareRow($row) {
    $row->geotype_input_format = 'lat/lon';
    $row->point = 'Point'; //So we can pass the Geometry Type in addFieldMapping
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Status: Active » Reviewed & tested by the community
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I used this code and got this error:

The field mapping arguments() method is now deprecated - please use subfield notation instead.

Using subfield notation:

  • <?php
        $this->addFieldMapping('field_location', 'point');
        $this->addFieldMapping('field_location:input_format', 'input_format');
        $this->addFieldMapping('field_location:geo_type', 'point');
        $this->addFieldMapping('field_location:lat', 'Latitude')
        $this->addFieldMapping('field_location:lon', 'Longitude')
  • Inside prepareRow()
      public function prepareRow($row) {
      $row->geo_type = 'point';
      $row->input_format = 'lat/lon';

Also I tried with the patch proposed in #1411836: Field handler for Migrate module but I had to modify it to got it working with 'lat/lon' input_type. This worked for me fine.

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That could be written more simply as

  $this->addFieldMapping('field_location', 'point');
  $this->addFieldMapping('field_location:lat', 'Latitude')
  $this->addFieldMapping('field_location:lon', 'Longitude')
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I really can't make this work. I've tried all combinations listed here and #5 looks best but still nothing.
Has anyone a suggestion on how to debug this one?

Using Geofield 7.x-2.1, Migrate Extras 7.x-2.5+4-dev.

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I can't see any subfield named :input_format. Maybe something changed now?

Sorry I thought the patch was no longer needed :) This really should be commited!

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Priority: Normal » Major

I think this is a major bug, maybe not for whole Migrate Extras but definitely for Geofield.
If it will not be commited here then should we move this to Geofield issue queue?

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Does this patch work with multivalued geofields? When I try to use it, I end up with

trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given 
File .../docroot/sites/all/modules/geofield/geofield.module, line 347

which is because my prepareRow() is building up a lat and lon array to pass in for the subfield mapping.

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The patch and #2 worked for me.

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Doesn't work for me using geofield 7.x-2.3, migrate 7.x-2.6 and migrate_extras 7.x-2.0-dev.

I got it working fine with the patch #17 from the geofield issue list:

milos.kroulik’s picture

I also managed to make it using the patch mentioned in #11

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Shouldn't Geofield Migrate be moved out of Migrate Extra because of
greetings, Martijn

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I can confirm the patch works.
Until the Geofield module has its own migrate support, we should keep it in migrate_extras and commit this fix.
Thanks for reporting and fixing it.

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The patch seemed to be working, although I decided to instead use the patch for Geofield instead. Perhaps this could be committed to the VCS as it is RTBC?