I show a Google+ album that contains HQ images.
As soon as these images are shown in the Lightbox, the quality is so much lower that it looks like the thumbnails are being scaled up.
I have the GD Toolkit installed and set to jpg quality of 100%, so that should not be the underlying issue?
PHP 5.3

Tiny update to the issue: not all - but most - images suffer from this, which makes it even more awkward.


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I also have the exact same issue. All my pics are of poor quality. Any progress on this issue yet?

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My two cents: forget about Brilliant Gallery, I still haven´t received a reply from the `developer/maintainer´...
Switched to Plusgallery (https://drupal.org/project/plus_gallery) and had it up and running in no-time..

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Thanks mate, i checked out the project page of the plus_gallery project and that states that you can only publish public image libraries, is this true?

I know i'm going a little bit off topic here, but hey, nobody seems to check this issue queue anyways ;-)

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"nobody seems to check this issue queue anyways"

Welcome to the Drupal "community" ...

Yes, the album on G+ have to be published publicly. But then it works like a charm!

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Added PHP info and a remark about not all images being affected

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Same issue here. When I post a Google+ gallery link in the brilliant gallery textfield the large images appear heavily pixelated. When I use the Picasaweb RSS feed from the exact same gallery everything works fine o_O.

My guess is this has something to do with the way the module requests the images from Google+.

So it's not such a big problem at the moment. For now I just use the Picasaweb RSS feed, but when Google decides to drop the picasaweb access and forces us via Google+ the module won't be nearly as usefull.

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Same issue. Please have a review.

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Title: low quality jpg » Low quality of images
Status: Active » Needs work

Unfortunately, this is caused by an external factor...

At some point (around the unfortunate decision of dumping Picasa Web and RSS and trying hard to impress with Google+) Google decided to degrade the quality of pictures available through the Picasa feed.

I tried to find higher quality images through links in the feed but unsuccessfully. If somebody has more luck/time, I am happy to hear from you.

Personally, I am now using another approach -- and it is equally efficient. As of 7.x-1.7 Brilliant Gallery respects hiding of images through the Picasa desktop manager. So the workflow is very quick -- edit/rotate/hide images quickly in Picasa, sync the folder with its webserver equivalent, and clear page cache of your Drupal... and the gallery on your website shows just what you see in Picasa!

Don't forget to click "Save" in Picasa before you copy the folder to your website's album folder. And make sure you copy the whole folder, because info about hidden images is stored in a little file called ".picasa.ini".