I have an entity form for which I am using Field Groups for both the entity form ("Manage Fields") as well as the entity display ("Manage Display"). I fully understand that these are two separate "contexts", if you will, and have created the appropriate field groups under each.

In the entity form itself, the field groups work splendidly -- each form element is grouped exactly as I need it to be. But, when a form submission is displayed, any field groups I've defined for display are completely missing from the output, along with any fields inside them. I have verified that as I take form elements out of the field group, they start appearing again, so it's definitely a field group issue.

I am using the default Bartik theme without any changes applied to it. I see the same behavior with the fieldset, "HTML Element", and "div" styles.

I do have Display Suite installed but this entity does not use any custom DS layouts. I have tried disabling DS but see the same behavior.

I am using the latest 1.x dev code as of 2013-05-16.

I believe this is a bug in FG that it's not compatible with entity forms.


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I have confirmed that the copy of FG I have works fine with nodes, so it looks like an issue when they're used on Entity Forms.

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FYI this is related to the EntityForm module and how the fieldgroup module's configuration is not used when the entityform object is viewed.

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I can also confirm this is happening. I created a full content display mode of the teen service tracker, cloned the fieldgroups from the form, and they still do not show up: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s14/sh/b14bc8b6-3ad9-4184-ba5f-86188935dd...

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Title: Field groups created under "Manage Display" on an Entity Form does not appear at all » Field groups created under "Manage Display" on an EntityForm does not appear at all

Please checkout the patch in this issue #1439204: Entity Forms doesn't work using FieldGroup in entity display.

Let me know if it fixes it for you.

Also changed the title of this issue to use "EntityForm" instead of "Entity Form" for easier googling.

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BTW I think the problem is that the Entityform entity for display is 1 level down in the render array.

Related to this issue #1288522: Compatibility with profile2 (and others?). I don't know enough about this module but maybe this could work without the patch to Enityform with changes in 1288522

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