Kickstart ships with cloud zoom, but it looks like the cloud zoom plugin is trying to move away from a free model and into a paid model. The Professor Cloud website redirects to "Star Cloud" which is not free.

The Cloud Zoom module page says:

IMPORTANT: The 1.x plugin has been removed from the Professor Cloud website. Only the 2.x plugin is available now, which is not tested with the module and is only free for non-commercial use.

I don't think we should depend on an old unsupported version of a plugin that s no longer free... it's just asking for trouble to do this. Surely there are alternatives to the cloud zoom plugin?


tmsimont’s picture is a functional alternative

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Yes, I think finding an alternative to cloudzoom is a good idea.

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Solution is great, i will move on for free.

Thank you.

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In case this helps - we're using on a current build, it's not a drop in replacement but it's doing a good job for our use. It's under the MIT license.

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Wondering if there's been progress in deciding on a replacement. The old version of Cloud Zoom doesn't really have any touch support, which makes this a problematic image-zooming option for mobile sites.

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I just found that supports mobile (touch events) :)

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Great find, candelas. Did you try it with CK2 at all? Or just came across it recently

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At the moment, I've replaced CloudZoom with Image Zoom, which uses the Elevate Zoom jQuery plugin. I used this module because it is very nearly a drop-in replacement for CloudZoom, with the same style of field formatters.

That said, it does not support touch. So I wouldn't recommend it as a long-term solution, but if/when CloudZoom needs to be replaced, this could be a temporary option.

I'm going to try using Easy Zoom and see if it is a similar drop-in replacement, and if not what the transition might look like for CK.

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@mglaman, no I didn't try it. I was searching for a module and I saw it. I remembered this issue and came. At the moment I am not working with CK, but in a month I can try, if you didn't have the time :) I like the touch possibility.

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OK, so I've tried out Easy Zoom. Two big issues:

1. It requires jQuery 1.10. CK ships with jQuery Update, but I believe it's set to 1.7 -- so it would take some testing to see if bumping that up would break any of the other js. Edit: My bad, CK doesn't include jQuery Update. So this would mean adding it, and also making sure using a newer version than core doesn't break anything.

2. Omega has some issue preventing it from working properly. I can't figure out exactly what's going on, but the zoomed image is being prevented from expanding and moving around on Omega and Omega-child themes (which the CK theme is). It works fine in other themes, though. But you can't call it a drop-in replacement, at least in the CK theme.

Secondary issues:

1. It only has 47 installs. So there are probably a lot of edge cases (and maybe not so edge cases) that haven't yet been discovered.

2. There's no D8 version yet.

It feels like Easy Zoom could be a solution, but it would probably take some work from Commerce maintainers to make it happen without breaking things. That said, Cloud Zoom is unsupported and mobile unfriendly, so maybe it'd still be an improvement?

I'm not sure what else is out there in terms of Drupal modules with this functionality; there are a million jQuery plugins that do this sort of thing but I don't know that Commerce folks want to start maintaining a new module just to include in CK.

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FYI: I've just patched ImageZoom to allow to use the new ElevateZoom Plus library which seems to be the successor of the previous library and support touch events: #2803067-2: Change library (elevatezoom is abandoned)