Kickstart ships with cloud zoom, but it looks like the cloud zoom plugin is trying to move away from a free model and into a paid model. The Professor Cloud website redirects to "Star Cloud" which is not free.

The Cloud Zoom module page says:

IMPORTANT: The 1.x plugin has been removed from the Professor Cloud website. Only the 2.x plugin is available now, which is not tested with the module and is only free for non-commercial use.

I don't think we should depend on an old unsupported version of a plugin that s no longer free... it's just asking for trouble to do this. Surely there are alternatives to the cloud zoom plugin?


tmsimont’s picture is a functional alternative

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Yes, I think finding an alternative to cloudzoom is a good idea.

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Solution is great, i will move on for free.

Thank you.

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In case this helps - we're using on a current build, it's not a drop in replacement but it's doing a good job for our use. It's under the MIT license.