Home Page is a leading online classifieds website in Italy with about 1M uniques every month. It is a generalist classifieds site with ten categories, more than 90 subcategories and about 350,000 ads online.

Why Drupal was chosen: 
  • Drupal is open source and we would build a technical team staff looking for the best freelancer specialized in this framework.
  • The architecture of Drupal supported us to design the lifecycle of a classified ad implementing a workflow.
  • Drupal offers the best features to implement security and access control for ads and user accounts.
  • We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel for any other marginal feature.
Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

The goal of the project was to rebuild a six year old site from scratch improving some existing features and adding others. Key of the project was adding a faceted search and filter feature that helps users to find the right classified ad.

The challenge contains about 350,000 ads and many other user generated data (searches, favorites, user accounts). With the new platform we wanted to be sure to manage these data to ensure acceptable performance in presence of limited hardware. We succeeded!


We integrated a brand new seo system with the drupal development. The integration was simple and offers a flexible system for our future requirements.

Premium products

This new version of offers some premium products to advertiser. The purchase system of these features was developed with the Commerce Module and the design of the payment and the management of the cart was a breeze.

Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 


We used this module to manage the showcases featured in categories and subcategories.


Used to design the purchase and management of premium options. Users can pay with Paypal (Commerce Paypal). We customized the three products (Showcase, Push to top, Featured) through Commerce (Customizable products).

Menu per role

This is important to design menus for simple users, ads moderator and system administrator.

Facet API

Used to develop the faceted search integrated with the apache solr engine

Taxononomy Manager

Every name in our system (category, city, brand etc etc) is a managed through taxonomies.


We used views to develop User accounts for the management of the ads.

XML Sitemap

Useful to create customized xml feeds for third party ads meta search engines.