Hello all I upgraded from Drupal 7.19 to 7.22 and I got the above message. I did some troubleshooting and this I believe is the block of code that has the problem in the follow.inc file that resides in the follow module. I would appreciate any help provided.

foreach ($links as $link) {
    $title = !empty($link->title) ? $link->title : $networks[$link->name]['title'];

    $element['follow-links'][$link->name] = array(
      '#prefix' => "<{$wrapper} class='follow-link-wrapper follow-link-wrapper-{$link->name}'>",
      '#theme' => 'follow_link',
      '#link' => $link,
      '#title' => $title,
      '#suffix' => "</{$wrapper}>",

  $element['follow-links']['#suffix'] = '</div>';

  return $element;


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I had the same issue and removed the google plus row in the table follow_links
execute this on your database: delete from follow_links where name='gplus'

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I removed the reference to google plus from the Home » Administration » Configuration » Web services page and that seemed to have worked. I did not know how to do it the way you said on the database. Maybe you could explain it more as I am a newbie so I know another way to do it.