Can anyone help with building from scratch a social networking site? I've already installed drupal in my site, and then I followed this Michelle's instruction in creating a site (http://shellmultimedia.com/tutorials/user-profiles-version-1) but it didn't work. I tried several times to create a new user, but no e-mail confirmation is ever received.

Regarding the tutorial by Michelle, there were some problems.

1. Her buddylist-view wouldn't work when I add it into my template.php. After adding it, my site goes blank with a warning saying line X (a number) is mistake, or something like that.

I'm not a programmer but what I did was simply add the html she instructs to add. The other html add-on worked. What I know is just to add the html, then remove the <?php.

2. Her guestbook html didn't work.

3. Lastly, her theme input form didn't work also.

My goal is simply to make a social networking site for some group of friends.

Thank you!


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specifically what help do you need?

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I'm doing something similar. I used this website to configure Drupal - http://www.seoecom.com/cms. The tutorials are excellent and FREE!


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