My relatively new D7 site has about 23 forms. I want to protect most of them. Is there an easier way than adding (and configuring) each one separately?

There is a separate form for each content type for adding comments. In D6, there was a single add comment form. This doubles the number of forms I have to add in D7.

This must have been asked many times, but I haven't found an answer.
Relevant issues:

Enable at installation:
This implies that when I first install the mollom module it will protect all forms.
It did not. I uninstalled and reinstalled looking for this and did not see it.
I made sure I had the latest version (7.x-2.6)

Specifically for webforms

Requires modifying modules that define forms. Gee, thanks! Including core drupal modules?


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Thanks for raising this issue + Sorry for my late reply!

This is essentially (and technically) the same as #1764384: Protect all webforms

Therefore, I'd like to close this issue as a duplicate of that.